Silver Binary Options

6 months agoSilver Binary Options.

Silver binary options are a great way to invest in the commodities market. In comparison to gold the demand for silver from the industrial sector is very high and therefore there is a very good chance that prices will still go up. The question to ask probably is: “Is silver even the new gold?”

More and more people are considering silver to be a very good investment in times of crises and so it’s good to know that most binary option brokers offer silver options to their customers.

The market of silver.

The world’s largest silver producer is Peru with a market share of about 30%. Silver is widely used for industrial goods because of its special characteristics: high electrical conductivity and high thermal conductivities combined with unique optical and reflectance properties. The increasing demand forex robot 100 pips a day trading from industrial sectors like electric and electro-mechanical engineering, automotive construction, aerospace industry, the energy sector and especially the solar industry will and will push the silver price up further.

Silver is a rare commodity. It is even rarer than you might think: There is about 5-times more gold than silver worldwide! It wouldn’t be surprising at all if silver became the most important commodity in the future and countries fought economic wars to dominate this market. Whatever happens, China and India will definitely play a key role because the demand in these countries is increasing rapidly and their population is already about 2.5 billion people . There is a huge boom in the solar industry, especially in China, and silver is a very important commodity in this field.

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